The Decision

How will the decision to merge Lewiston and Auburn be made?

The Joint Charter Commission, which consists of 3 representatives elected by Lewiston voters and 3 representatives elected by Auburn voters, has recommended merging Lewiston and Auburn.  In June 2017, they will conclude all activities required by State law to merge and they will submit the final documents to both the Lewiston and Auburn city councils.

The state statute allowing for the Commission and the merger process requires public hearings before a vote can take place.  It is anticipated that both city councils will hold hearings this summer. 

Unless something unforeseen happens, the issue will be on the November 7, 2017 ballot.

If a majority of voters in Lewiston and a majority of voters in Auburn approve the recommendation of the Joint Charter Commission to merge, a two-year transition period would commence, and the new city would be born on January 1, 2020.