Tax Savings Guarantees

Can you guarantee that the taxpayers will see those savings?

There are no guarantees in life or in taxes.  We are highly confident that there are at least $2.3 million of annual savings to be found if the cities merger. They have been identified them in great detail, department by department in the Commission Recommendations and Rationale report and the Consolidation Options and Impacts study both of which are posted on the Commission’s website. 

Beyond those conservative numbers, we are confident there are additional savings to be found as departments are integrated and people look creatively how to do things better.  

It will be up to the new city council, elected by the voters and guided by professional staff, to decide what to do with savings. They will be able to reduce taxes, reduce the growth of taxes, make capital investments, improve services, or any combination thereof.

There is one certainty. If there is no merger, annual savings between $2.3 and $4.2 million will not be realized. Therefore, taxes will rise at a faster rate and/or services will be reduced.