City Government

Council Representation

Will there be the same number of Council representatives?

Ward populations will be roughly twice the current size, but 2 Councilors will represent each ward, much like 2 Senators represent each state.  Councilor terms will be staggered so there will be continuity of knowledge and representation from one council to the next.

Merging City Departments

Will there be transition teams to assist with the departments combining?  How does that work?

Workgroups will be established to consider how departments will be combined and how to transition.  In the main, these will be current employees who know their work and will be given the opportunity to rethink and reengineer how that work is done.  For many it will be an exciting opportunity to make a big impact on how their part of the city is run.

Job Losses

Will a lot of people lose their jobs?

Relatively few jobs will be affected.  Given a 26-month transition period the Charter Commission anticipates that nearly all job reductions will take place by attrition with some people simply transferring to new jobs within the organization.

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