The Road Ahead

We all need to look ahead and think about where we see ourselves in a decade or two, given the two paths from which we’ll choose. Sustainable progress starts an optimism that we can do more and do better. Continue reading

One LA: Endorsements

Who is supporting One LA? Check it out: Continue reading

A Better Place to Live

Basic common sense tells me there are significant savings and multiple benefits with the merger of Lewiston-Auburn. Buildings, entire departments, accountants, lawyers and layers of bureaucracy multiplied by two will now be only one. Continue reading

Consolidation Means Savings

It is our hope that family, friends and neighbors will vote “yes” on the merger while speaking for us in our absence. Continue reading

Constitution a Model for L-A

When residents vote to consolidate, they will be voting alongside 11 former Lewiston-Auburn mayors — people with first-hand experience governing this community and know the potential of Lewiston and Auburn. Continue reading

Op-Ed: Opposition to L-A merger seems to come from fear

Combining the brilliance and power of people on both sides of the Androscoggin will allow us to become a new, bigger, better version of ourselves, one that will be able to host the aspirations and dreams of our children and grandchildren in the rapidly changing world that they will inherit. Continue reading

Merger Brings Financial Benefits

I have a little bit of experience with private sector mergers. Change is challenging and there will be upfront costs for a variety of reasons. That said, unless very poorly managed, there are significant recurring financial benefits to achieving scale in the private sector providing a meaningful return on merger-related costs. Continue reading

A place people will want to be

This is a critical time. Residents have the opportunity to do something big — something that will propel the cities to prosperity. Continue reading

Chance for Economic Advancement

Twin Cities residents are facing a great opportunity for economic and social advancement — to become one great force, nearly 60,000 strong. Continue reading

Education Elevates Everything

A merger offers a unique opportunity to look at the combined resources we have – and we have some superb educators and facilities – and think about how we can do more. How can we rethink our education system for a 21st century world? Merging our two cities will drive this process, like nothing else can. Continue reading