Functioning as One Economy

Auburn and Lewiston already function as one economy. It is past time that economic development, infrastructure investment and city planning were united. Continue reading

Cost-Effective Public Services

As a public servant whose personal life has been entwined with the economic and cultural life of Lewiston-Auburn for the past 30-plus years, I have been closely following the proposed merger. I hope others will join me in supporting this next step in the cities' development. Continue reading

Merger Would be Beneficial, Improve Efficiency

I believe that the history and performance as partners has no equal in the country. We already know what we are capable of together and that no challenge is too great or too complicated for the two cities. On Nov. 7, Twin Cities' residents can all make it happen by voting "yes" to chart a new and exciting course for Lewiston-Auburn, Maine. Continue reading

This is One Community

I look forward to future elected leaders from both sides of the river to shake hands and start moving Auburn and Lewiston into a bright future. Continue reading

Doing Things Together

I believe that most people favor doing things together. A small group of past, present and would-be city councilors does not. In November, each of them will get one vote, like everyone else. Continue reading

Embrace the Future

Some individuals will always argue about the “data,” yet previous commission’s efforts, as well as the Charter Commission’s analysis, have consistently demonstrated real savings. This is the first time that we, as voters, have the opportunity to be heard from directly in deciding our future. Continue reading

Merger Provides a Possibility

We can always hope that the two cities and school departments will work together to create those kinds of programs, but what are the odds of achieving that level of cooperation with 29 city councilors and school committee members, two mayors, two superintendents and two city managers? Continue reading

I See One Community

I see only one significant area — the governmental structure. Instead of two often competing governmental entities, I believe one structure would be beneficial for current and future generations. Continue reading

Merger is the Right Thing To Do

If we want to solve challenges at a different level, we need to think differently. By merging, we will rid ourselves of the political battles of will that have slowed or stopped collaborative efforts. We must think differently. Continue reading

Be the Engines of Progress

One LA can make Lewiston-Auburn a better community, along with the benefit of costs savings and efficiency of services. I hope Twin Cities' residents will be dreamers, risk-takers and the engines of progress by voting "yes." Continue reading