About the campaign

One LA is a group of citizens of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine who support the unification of the two cities and the recommendation of the elected Lewiston and Auburn Joint Charter Commission.

This recommendation is based on facts:

  • Financial savings will be significant when we are One LA
  • Savings generated can be reinvested to attract new businesses that provide new employment opportunities for us
  • We will have the scale to enhance our school systems and better prepare our children for tomorrow’s opportunities
  • We can put more police on the streets, respond more swiftly to fires, and better equip those men and women who serve to keep us safe

We can preserve the legacy of two great cities and build a more prosperous future for our children if we vote YES for One LA.

We represent all of Auburn and we represent all of Lewiston:

  • We are teachers; we are local business owners; we are mill workers; we are medical professionals
  • We work in stores; we work in factories; we work in offices; we work in restaurants
  • We are proud about how far we’ve come, and are excited about the new opportunities One LA would bring

We want One LA.

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